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For those who are called.

We are a Spirit-led,

disciple-making movement.

Stu Cameron

Dear Friends,

The goal of our MOVE campaign is to encourage all of us across our Wesley Mission congregations to respond to the call of God – together.

Our hope is that this season will inspire and equip you on this shared journey, together with the sermons, services, and testimonies you will hear and experience.

Below you will find four ways you can step out in faith as God prompts you. We encourage you to take Spirit-led action!


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Rev. Stu Cameron
CEO & Superintendent Minister

Download the 4-week

MOVE devotional and study guide.

MOVE 4 Week Devotional 2 | Wesley Mission

This is a 4-week daily devotional, designed to lead us through the journey of Hearing God, Resisting God, Trusting God and ultimately Obeying God. Using the simple bible reading method of Read, Reflect, Respond and Rely, this devotional is designed to encourage you to MOVE – into everything God is calling you to.

There is also a weekly bible-study guide you can use in your small groups during the week.

Available for download in both English and Mandarin.

MOVE 4 Week Devotional | Wesley Mission

Watch William’s Story

William grew up in Indonesia, losing his father at an early age before moving to Australia with the rest of his family. Through the witness of his brother, William and his family began to explore Christianity through Wesley Mission.

Listen as William shares this beautiful story of hearing God’s voice, and responding to the love of His heavenly Father, through faith in Jesus.

Cherrie’s Story

Cherrie resisted God’s call for almost 50 years. One day she walked into Wesley Mission searching for answers, and put her faith in Jesus.

Terry’s Story

Growing up in mainland China having never experienced the Christian faith, Terry discovers faith in Jesus after moving to Australia to study. Now he lives his life in obedience to Christ.

Mick’s Story

Kicked out of home at a young age, Mick knows what life on the streets of Sydney is really like. With no money and no hope, Mick found real Hope through the kindness of strangers at Wesley Edward Eagar Centre.

Paul’s Story

Arriving as a refugee from Vietnam as a boy was just the start of Paul’s amazing journey. Through life’s ups and downs, Paul and his wife Tiffany have put their trust in Jesus.

“A large crowd will not change the world;

a mobilized force of Spirit-filled believers will.”

J.D. Greer



We are inviting faithful believers who want to move toward intimacy with God, to seek His presence, power and guidance for our church.


$500k Fund

We are asking you to give financially toward our seed – funding initiative for church growth and leadership development.



We are looking for people who are passionate about making disciples and keen for intentional leadership development.


Church Planting

We are looking for those who feel called to be a part of our future church-planting teams – locally and beyond.

Miss a message?

Wesley Congregational Life | Naturally Supernatural

Naturally Supernatural

Featuring Mike Pilavachi from Soul Survivor UK, this will be an unmissable day for those looking to discern their spiritual gifts, walk with the Spirit courageously and see their world impacted for Jesus.

Saturday, November 12th, 2022.